Excellence in health-care

It is our mission to strive for “Excellence in health-care” by marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices that deliver real benefits to patients economically.

Trusted Provider

Our vision is to be seen by our customers and patients as a professional and trusted provider of affordable products.

Optimal Benefit

To patients, we are committed to supplying products to the highest quality standards and to ensure that they are used appropriately to provide optimal benefit.

Welcome to the Allgen website

Allgen Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly expanding and independent pharmaceutical company with a clear vision of providing consistently high quality, lower cost alternatives to proprietary medications and healthcare products to its customers.

Strategically committed to growth, Allgen Pharmaceuticals is actively engaged in licensing, partnering, developing and marketing late-stage prescription medicines as well as medical devices and consumer brands with a special focus on asthma and COPD.

Through our operations in the Netherlands we provide high quality and affordable products to patients and markets, with a geographical reach, which extends across Europe through numerous successful partnerships.

The company is led by a strong management team, which prides itself on “making a difference” within the Healthcare sector, through the development of a fast and reliable service, and constantly striving to be the “partner of choice” for our relations.

Specialist in Astma products

About us

Allgen Pharmaceuticals concentrates primarily on the medical, pharmaceutical and the health care market specially the asthma and COPD market.

Excellent Products

Allgen Pharmaceuticals provides high quality specialty branded & generic medicines, medical devices and Health care products to the market.

Excellent Services

We are continuously increasing our portfolio through in-licensing opportunities, product development, acquisitions and strategic alliances that fit within our business.